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Classic Fly Rod & Reel

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A selection of our personally-owned classic fly rods and reels offered for sale or trade.

 UPDATED October 8, 2018

Coming Soon to the List

A really nifty Paul H. Young 8'6" 2/2 15F 4-1/4oz non-parabolic 7wt made circa 1947. Probably a Standby model. This rod is a casting machine!

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Art for Conservation

Buy Limited Edition Art - Help Protect the Places We Love to Fish


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Art for Conservation is a social enterprise offering limited edition fine art prints as a way to help fund conservation efforts working to protect the places we love to fish. Each edition will have a specific non-profit conservation organization that will receive a percentage of the retail price to help further their mission. The organization will be working to protect the resource that is the subject of the artwork, so when you view your print on your wall, you know your purchase has helped protect that specific place. The rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, estuaries, bays and oceans that draw us to them in the pursuit of fish are under constant threat. Make the art you place in your home work to protect our resources. 

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Art for Conservation

The Granger List

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A special section of The Classic Fly Rod and Reel

UPDATED October 8, 2018

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About The List

Fly Fishermen - Not Businessmen

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The Classic Fly Rod & Reel List was created by a group of friends as a way to buy, sell and trade classic fly tackle. We aren't dealers - though we do buy, sell, and consign with dealers from time to time. They're great people, and they have all kinds of interesting rods and reels pass through their hands. They fill an important role in the classic tackle and fly fishing community. But that isn't the idea here. This is just a simple list of classic fly rods, reels and miscellaneous items that we have to offer and a list of things we'd like to acquire. It's a hobby. We try to place a fair value on the items we have, and we really like trades where both parties get something new to enjoy. The whole thing operates from my fly tying desk in the summer kitchen of an old farmhouse in Union County, Pennsylvania. 

How it Works

Take a look at The List sections below. If you see a neat old rod, reel or other piece of kit that you'd like to have, use the form at the bottom of each page to shoot us an email and we'll start a conversation. Same goes if you have an item on The Want List. Use the form and we'll go from there. You'll be talking to the owner of each specific item, and work out the details of the deal directly with them. These are private transactions between two individuals.

The Basic Rules

Even though each transaction is a private affair between two fishermen, everyone associated with The List has agreed to a few basic standards for offering tackle on this site. Understandings with regard to payment, shipping, and inspection periods are outlined below.

  • Payment methods are to be worked out on a case by case basis between the parties. Some of us will accept PayPal, others will prefer a cashier's check or USPS Money Order. Personal Checks are typically only an option if we know you personally. Prices listed do not include any fees associated with various payment methods, as these fees will be the responsibility of the purchaser. 
  • Shipping will generally be by USPS Insured Priority or Registered Mail. Because shipping a rod packaged appropriately to survive the United States Postal Service can vary from as little as $15 to well over $75, shipping is not included in the listed prices. Any import duties are the responsibility of the receiving party, and customs forms will show the full value of the item shipped.
  • All transactions are understood to include a (3) day inspection period. We do our best to inspect every item on The List for issues, but occasionally something slips by undetected. Returns are accepted for condition-related issues only. If we don't hear from you after (3) days, we assume you are satisfied with your new item. 


At the end of the day, we're all just fly fishermen who love old tackle. We'll do our best to make any purchase, sale or trade with us satisfactory to both parties involved.  Sincerely - Ryan, Scott and the Gang

The List

The Classic Fly Rod List


A selection of fine classic bamboo, fiberglass and graphite fly rods offered for sale or trade. Please click the photo to go to the List.

The Classic Fly Reel List


A selection of fly reels - early Hardys to modern classics by current makers - offered for sale or trade. Please click the photo to go to the List. 

Miscellaneous Offerings


Silk lines, landing nets, classic fly boxes, and other miscellany offered for sale or trade. Please click the photo to go to the List. 

The Want List


A listing of classic fly rods and reels we are currently interested in purchasing or receiving in trade. Please click the photo to go to the List. 

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Bamboo fly rods, classic fly reels, and vintage tackle to better enjoy your time fly fishing. 

The Classic Fly Rod & Reel

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