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The Want List

The Want List represents our current classic fly tackle interests. If you have an item on the list that you would like to offer for purchase or as trade, please contact us using the form below. Please remember - we are not dealers. We're simply a group of friends who enjoy fishing classic fly rods and reels, and The Want List is the stuff we're curious to learn more about. We'll pay fair prices for the right items. 



Lyle Dickerson

  • 8615
  • 9015
  • Need not be pristine examples, but should be all there and not require much, if anything, to fish. 

Paul H. Young

  • Interested in all Young rods...
  • 8'6" Special or Ace with a 14/64 Ferrule and 4/64 Tiptop
  • A trout-weight 8'6" parabolic
  • An early Driggs
  • A Para 16
  • Rods that need some TLC ok

E.C. Powell

  • Interested in all E.C. Powell rods...
  • An EC-built 9' B-taper weighing 4-3/8oz or less
  • Odd-length trout rods - 8'3", 8'9", etc.
  • Rods that need some TLC ok
  • Early (pre-WWII) rods prefered

Heddon for Sloan's or Charles Daly

  • 7'10" Sloan's or Daly Para-Taper - Heddon trade rod
  • Always on the lookout for this Heddon-built parabolic rod.


  • 50-1/2 pre-fire
  • Other pre-fire trout rods in longer lengths

F.E. Thomas

  • A pre-WWII Dirigo, Browntone or Special 8'6"-9' for a 5-6wt with anything other than red wraps
  • 8'6"-9' Wet Fly
  • 8’6” Browntone Streamers


  • 1930s-1950s 8'6"-9' trout rods
  • Rods that need some TLC ok

Goodwin Granger / Wright & McGill

  • Any early, unusual or uncatalogued models
  • GG Favorite 8642, 9043 or 9050

W.E. Edwards

  • Bill Edwards Quadrates 7' or less
  • 8'6" 2/2 or 3/2 Quadrates

E.W. Edwards

  • 8'-8'6" Eustice rods


  • A 3" wide-drum Perfect
  • A 3-1/4" wide-drum Perfect
  • A Floyd T. Lovens Thompson 100
  • A Thompson 500
  • A Sierra King Flycaster that isn't too beat up
  • Pre-WWII Heddon Imprerial 125s with agate or metal line guards
  • Clean 1930s-1940s Pflueger Medalists - 1394, 1494, 1494-1/2, 1495
  • 3-3/8" and 3-1/8” Winston Perfects
  • Hodge & Sons or Siskiyou Designs 6/7 or 7/8 Double Disc reels.

Other Tackle

  • None currently sought. 

Other Wants

  • An acre or two near Penns Creek where I can place a camper or a simple shack to overnight with family or friends. Power and perc not necessary. 

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